The Open Podcast Prefix Project (OP3) is a free and open-source podcast prefix analytics service committed to open data and listener privacy.
Podcasters or podcast hosting companies can prepend
to podcast episode urls in their feed to participate and start sending us data.
(No need to remove existing prefixes, there can be more than one)

Check your feed using our setup page →
This service is a departure from all other analytics services, it's an open and auditable machine. Not only is the code available on GitHub, but all deployments are triggered there as well.
Once you start using this prefix, you are opening up your show's listener numbers to the world, without compromising your listeners privacy. Developers and companies can start building products and services for you with the data, without you having to manage a custom integration.
OP3 runs on a global CDN with edge nodes in over 275 cites in over 100 countries, it is already one of the fastest (if not the fastest) podcast redirect service.
This project is still very much in early development, but is ready to receive real data from early adopters and make it available over the OP3 API.
Learn more about our future plans on the GitHub readme →
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